The perfect mix between practice and theory

" With this education program we are setting new standards, bringing new opportunities for young and talented riders. We want to pass on all of our knowledge combined, preparing you to be a skilled and knowledgeable professional who can bring the industry to a higher level and become an ambassador of equestrian sports" - Andreas Helgstrand, CEO and Founder Helgstrand Dressage.


Are you a jumping or dressage rider on M level or higher and do you want to educate yourself as a rider in the best possible way? Then the Master Rider Education is something for you.  


In the Master Rider Education you will be spending many hours in the saddle of not only your own, but also other horses, gaining experience in the training and education of horses. You will be riding between professional riders at first-class facilities with guidence from some of the best riders and trainers of your sport. Besides riding you will work on your knowledge and skill set as a professional. From horse and performance subjects to business subjects and from rider vitality to rider psychology. In this education you will gain all the knowledge and skills you need for success. 


Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences will be developing and executing a substantial part of the theory in the Master Rider Education. Certified and experienced lecturers from the bachelor program Equine, Sports and Business will be giving live online lectures in both the business and horse & performance subjects.



The Master Rider Education is a full-time, three-year program. For three years we expect you to be full-time dedicated to the program. In the first two education years you will be riding and training internally on location for four days per week. Once a week you will receive theoretical lectures, online and offline. The exact structure of your day and working hours depend on the location you are boarding and training at. In agreement with your trainer, you can change location multiple times thourghout the three years. You are expected to work on projects and assignments and self-study throughout the week as well. In the third year you will again focus on riding and training for four days a week. As for the theory, there is the opportunity to choose an individual project you want to specialize yourself with. You will work on this project for a year with guidance from the university, guest lecturers and trainers. You can for example choose to do a research related to performance and heartrate, take a course in coursebuilding or write a business plan to start your own stable. 


Duration, language and fee

The Master Rider Education is an international, three-year, English taught program. The first year of the Master Education will begin in September 2023.  The annual study fee of the education is €22.000 (exl. accomodation). 


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Boarding & Training

Board your horse at international esteemed stables receiving daily training with professionals amongst whom some of the best riders and trainers in the world. 

Horse & Performance

There are many factors influencing the performance of horses. It is our job to maintain optimal health and prepare the horses for competition. Learn everything about nutrition, training theory, biomechanics, breeding, horse judging, health and welfare with a focus on improving sports performance. 

Rider & Trainer

Train not only your horse but also yourself to be a top sport athlete. Learn everything about your discipline and how to pass on your knowledge to others. Theory and practice focussed on becoming a top sport rider and trainer with subjects as rider vitality, rider psychology, didactics and discipline regulations. 


It's not only about riding anymore. Subjects such as marketing, sales, finance, legal aspects and entrepreneurship all focussed on the horse industry will give you a strong collection of knowledge. Additionally, you will get inspired with guest lectures given by professionals from the industry. 

Personal Development

During this education personal development is key. Through the program you will focus on personal growth. Rider vitality and rider psychology are subjects in which you will improve yourself physically and mentally. With special assignments, guest lectures and coaching sessions you will set both personal and professional goals and learn special skills. Additionally there are multiple network opportunities to grow your network.

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As the Master Rider Education is a new initiative, the organization will be working hard on creating the best possible program with high quality content, trainers and locations until the education starts. This means that changes and add-ons can appear until the start of the education. Do you have questions regarding the program? Please feel free to send us a message.