The ultimate package of knowledge, skills and experience

We are here to educate, empower and inspire jumping and dressage riders, preparing you for success in the equestrian sport and industry of tomorrow.


  • Board at multiple internationally esteemed stables 
  • Train with and between the best riders and trainers in the world
  • Experience the riding methods, stable management and horse culture of different countries 
  • Relevant theory focussed on equestrian sport performance and business
  • Build up an international network for the future

“A good horse and rider can win competitions, but only by knowing and optimizing all key factors that influence performance you will be able to stay consistent in the top“ 

“The equestrian industry has a huge economic potential. If you dare to dream big and believe in the idea of going new ways the market is there. It is just a matter of having the courage to pursue the idea.”

Is the Master Rider Education something for you?

Have you seen the application criteria and are you intested in becoming a student? Please contact us for any further information regarding the Master Rider Education.