A new initiative by succesful Olympic riders and entrepreneurs Andreas Helgstrand and Ludger Beerbaum


The equestrian industry is growing rapidly worldwide, horses are better every year and our beloved sport is increasing in level. Developments are seen in horse welfare, breeding, sport and business which creates opportunity. Legendary German show jumper Ludger Beerbaum, four-time Olympic Champion is known as a real horseman who valuates and prioritizes horse welfare like no other. 

“A good horse and rider can win competitions, but only by knowing and optimizing all key factors that influence performance you will be able to stay consistent in the top“ 


Horse business has been lifted to higher grounds


Global Equestrian Group CEO and founder of Helgstrand Dressage, Andreas Helgstrand has an unlimited vision. Within 10 years, Andreas Helgstrand developed his company into the leading (and largest) dressage trading stable within the highest segment. And it does not stop there. With over 130 employees, 600 horses, three divisions, multiple partnerships, having an investment company as major shareholder and the Global Equestrian Group Andreas Helgstrand has gone further than any other. 

“The equestrian industry has a huge economic potential. If you dare to dream big and believe in the idea of going new ways the market is there. It is just a matter of having the courage to pursue the idea.”

The perfect mix between relevant theory and practice.



  • Board at internationally esteemed stables 
  • Train with the best riders and trainers in the world 
  • Gain knowledge and become inspired with equestrian sport performance and business theory
  • Build up an international network for the future

The Study Program 


The Master Rider Education is taught in English language and consists of three years. You will have the opportunity to board at top level jumping and dressage stables, training with the world’s best riders and trainers. Additionally, you will receive sessions of rider psychology and vitality to support your development. 



Courses such as nutrition, breeding, health and training theory will teach you everything about the most important factors influencing the performance of a sport horse. The other part of the theory is devoted to the business side focussing on all elements in entrepreneurship. Subjects like marketing, sales and finance are all applied to running a horse business. Additionally, we will make sure you become inspired with guest lectures from international professionals out of the equestrian field.  



Practical information  


Boarding and training periods can be followed at MRE partners such as Helgstrand Dressage in Denmark, Germany and the US or Beerbaum Stables in Riesenbeck. It is obligatory to bring your own horse in boarding periods which can be stabled at the educational facilities. The majority of theory takes place online which allows students to follow courses remotely.  




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