9. February 2022

Meet Allan Hansen, extremely dedicated and motivated dressage trainer


For those who know Allan Hansen, they are already aware that he is a very experienced gentleman. Besides from being able to boast of his title as a master rider, he also has many years of experience as self-employed with his own sales stable in Middelfart, Denmark. Additionally, Allan is an extremely dedicated and motivated coach, who put a lot of pride in the development of each individual rider. Competences that Helgstrand advantageously has used during the past years, but how did this beneficial partnership actually start?


- I met Andreas by a coincidence around the time, where Marianne and Andreas founded Helgstrand. We quickly became friends privately and since I also was self-employed we spent a lot of time together at stallion selections in Germany where we helped each other with the horses. During time, we have also co-owned a lot of horses, which my wife Rikke is educating, Allan tells. Approximately 2,5 years ago, Andreas asked me if I was interested in teaching and coaching, and that I of course accepted.

A dedicated coach

I have always spent a lot of time on the ground in many different arenas, where I’ve helped many talents on their way to success. And now, when all the education of our horses has been assigned to Rikke, I can focus more on coaching and other tasks. I find it very interesting to follow the riders and experience how they develop from time to time, especially some of the younger riders. And then I’m also thrilled that, despite my age, I still can impress some of the more experienced riders, such as Betina, Allan says with a smile.

You have probably already met Allan, when Helgstrand has been present at competitions both national and international, as he is an obvious part of the team. His eagle eye sees everything and he is doing his utmost to make sure that every rider is sufficiently prepared for the task when entering the show arena, as well as providing feedback as the rider finished their ride.

-What really characterizes Allan, is his ability of being so sympathetic. It shines through his way of teaching. You will not be in doubt, that he takes very good care of you, he is fast as a lightning to shift and adapt to the next rider and then he can quickly tell, what challenges the rider is having. Additionally, he does everything on the premises and tempo that fits every single horse, which I highly appreciate, Michael Grønne, master rider at Helgstrand, says.

- Allan is technically a very good teacher and he focuses a lot on having the rider stable in the basics before moving up on the level of difficulty. And then he is not only good at developing the horses, but the riders as well. He works a lot with your mind – here you really gain a lot of tools for personal and mental development as a rider. And then he is always smiling, and it really comes off at us riders, Tobias Hewlett tells. He has now been riding for Allan for 2 years.


Much more than teaching

Even though there are many riders at Helgstrand eventually, Allan’s workweek consists of much more exciting tasks, which though have changed during the last time as to the corona-situation.

- The teaching has taken over a bit during this corona-time, since it has been very complicated to travel. But as soon as the world opens again, my first task will be to assist the riders, who buy horses from Helgstrand. It is some kind of after-sales service. Our success is highly reliant on these customers and the results they obtain with their new Helgstrand-horse. And concurrently with the clients becoming better and better, new goals arise and this is where I step in – in the assistance with finding a new and brilliant match, Allan tells. Not only has he an eagle eye for spotting a talented horse, but he also has the ability to find the perfect match between horse and rider. This reputation spreads as rings in the water – Allan is well-known for noticing all the small details, which easily can be overlooked by many – this has undoubtedly something to do with his 30 years of experience.

- And to make sure that I always have work to do, Andreas often asks me to look for potential horses in Denmark, because even though his and Thomas’ biggest wishes are to be able to be at more than one place at the same time, they haven’t succeeded with that yet, to Andreas’ big sorrow, Allan tells with a glints in his eye.


Would not trade for anything in the world

When you talk to Allan, there is no doubt about his passion for this job – and who doesn’t dream about such a balanced everyday life with these amazing horses that manage to impress us so deeply.

- Imagine being surrounded by so many passionate and dedicated people every day – it really influences you. Simultaneously Helgstrand offers so many opportunities not only on at their own locations, but also the possibility to travel, see the world and the global horse industry. I can almost cut off 10 years of my age, because when you are at Helgstrand, you will be in a whole other gear, but, well… This is necessary to keep up with the Helgstrand journey, Allan finishes.


Allan Hansen will be training MRE students at Helgstrand Dressage on a weekly basis.