7. March 2022

The key to success according to Andreas Helgstrand 



What is needed to make a good living out of your passion for horses? What do you learn from being around the best riders and trainers? Which skills do you need as a rider in the modern equestrian world? We spoke with Andreas Helgstrand about the Master Rider Education and he shared some great advice with us for you. 


Global Equestrian Group CEO and founder of Helgstrand Dressage, Andreas Helgstrand has an unlimited vision. Within 10 years, Andreas Helgstrand developed his company into the leading dressage trading stable within the highest segment. With over 130 employees, 600 horses, three divisions, multiple partnerships, having an investment company as major shareholder Andreas Helgstrand has gone further than any other.  


The idea of a new education for riders came when Andreas Helgstrand started thinking about the education for his own son and how his own education had been as a rider. Education for riders is very individual from country to country. Countries like Denmark, Germany and Spain have educational programs for riders available through the national equestrian federation whilst other countries do not.  


“Nowadays we have this new generation of children who are already very skilled and well prepared for the next steps.”  



“It’s important that when they follow an education to become a rider, they do not need to take step back but rather move forward from what they already know. This is when I started thinking about creating something new where riders get the opportunity to learn from the absolute best.” says Andreas  


“If I think back at my time and I could have chosen an education like the Master Rider Education I would have loved to go and learn from riders like Ludger Beerbaum or Isabell Werth. They were my idols! 


“If you can get the skills from professionals who have been in the equestrian world for so many years then you are already twenty years ahead from when I first started.” 


After Andreas Helgstrand finished his rider education he worked as a rider and trainer at several international stables before replacing Lars Petersen at Blue Hors, where his sporting career really took off. According to Andreas, working and riding between the professionals changed everything for him. “When I finished my education, I rode in a decent level and had my basic knowledge. But where I really learned something was by being around the professionals.”  


“Looking at how they were training their horses and running their business. This really changed me from being a national rider to a successful international rider.” 



Just like other industries, the equestrian industry is constantly changing. Much has changed in the past decades Andreas agrees. “Everything is so much faster now with new technologies, the internet and social media. Things are more optimized in all aspects, not only horses. Today you need to be good in many things as a rider. Besides being a good rider and trainer, you need good communication skills, you need to know about marketing and how to find good horses and take very good care of them.”  It’s a whole set of skills for young and ambitious riders to develop, but the most important according to Andreas Helgstrand is someone’s willingness to learn. 


“Riders need to be aware that it is not only about riding anymore and therefore you need to be open to learn. Making a living out of your passion for horses is amazing, but to really become successful you need to work harder than others and want it the most. “

Learning from the best. That is what the Master Rider Education is about. “We can help the new generation with our experience which is not only running stables anymore. We are in active in retail, events and sustainable innovations with the Global Equestrian Group. We want to share our knowledge, skills and visions with the rest of the world.” 


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