14. March 2022

Ole Hummelshøj new general manager at Helgstrand Academy


Over time, Helgstrand Dressage has attracted some of the most skilled equestrians, and soon the team will be expanded again. Master rider Ole Hummelshøj takes over for the responsibility of managing Helgstrand Academy, which in addition to housing 180 horses also provides the perfect setting for national and international competitions. 


Master rider Maria Anita Andersen has so far been responsible for Helgstrand Academy, but in the future, she will dedicate more of her time to the training part in addition to continuing to be responsible for Helgstrand's skilled master student riders. 


- Maria has done a terrific job, where in addition to putting a team of talented people together, she has raised the level of our horses significantly. Maria has competed in national as well as world young horse championships and all the way to the international Grand Prix, and of course, we want to put those competencies more into play. Together, we have decided that she should dedicate more of her time to educating our horses so that we can see her even more in the show arena.


Therefore, we have been looking for someone able to replace her and continue at the same high level. And we are sure Ole will be able to do so with his background and many years of experience, states Andreas Helgstrand.

Ole Hummelshøj is an educated master rider, has trained horses up to the international Grand Prix, and has for the past 10 years been managing Grindsted Rideklub with great success. In parallel, he has judged young horse championships. An experience that will be of great value to Helgstrand, which from the beginning has had a strong focus on training young horses for the world elite. 


- The demand for good dressage horses is greater than what the market can saturate. Therefore, we acquired Helgstrand Youngsters in 2018, and now we are starting to see the horses under the saddle. We have always focused on the education of the best horses, which the many World Championship medals also support, and here I definitely see Ole's competencies come into play at great value for the place as a whole, Andreas adds.

- I look forward to being a part of the team and contributing to the continued positive development. I am inspired by working with talented people, and I look forward to contributing with new inspiration, lots of energy and good leadership. I am especially looking forward to helping the riders in the daily training, says Ole Hummelshøj. 


Both Ole Hummelshøj and his wife, Laila Wittendorff, will be part of the team and take up their new positions at Helgstrand in mid-July 2022. In addition Ole and Laila will be part of the Master Rider Education as education managers.